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White Plants

Body Intuition

Spots now available!

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Rhonda CW 4/1 Projector

Learning my HD chart has Changed my life in so many ways. My journey up to these moment feel like now there is so much to learn and discover within. Navigating releasing distractions and stories to unravel and come back to your truth. Back to alignment. NO mentorship is the same it about meeting you each session where you are at learning the energy at play. Bring in Yoga/Meditation and Human Design. 

Discovering your unique energy to break free into alignment.

My intention is to hold a space for you to be held, to learn and grow.

Working with me will bring New energy into your relationship with self and others. Because it always starts with you!


This 1-1 Journey learning your energy and boundaries. Creating new opportunities to see your gifts and embodying your intuition.

8 Weeks

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