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Have me come and add to your events or retreats

Add to your cottage weekend

Corporate Events

Bachelorette Weekend

or other Retreats

Create a Yoga Session

Add from a variety of options to enhance your event. Create a space for everyone to feel safe in your body moving through each pose. Honoring your bodies where it's at in each moment

  • Power/Vinyasa Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Hatha or Gentle Yoga

Yoga Sessions start at $111


Yoga on Deck
Relaxing Facial

Holistic Services

Looking for more options! This one is also a favorite to add to our day!

Relaxation Massages

(no RMT receipt is given)

A way to destress and create deep relaxation throughout the body 

 Head & Neck Massage

Bring healing to your upper chakras for deep relaxation and healing

Holistic Facials

 Is a facial going beyond the skin, working with tools like Gua Sha, Energy, Kansa Wand and intuitive healing. Listening and seeing your skin supporting, circulation, lymphatic systems and or Natural Botanical Skin care to penetrate and support your skin

Reiki Energy Sessions 

A universal energy approach with light touch, intention and  crystals. To support healing and balance in the body

Sessions start @ $88 (60min) Per person

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