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All you need is within!

Body Intuitive Mentorships with Rhonda CW


Before we get into sharing this opportunity for your individual spiritual journey let me share a little about mine.

I am located in Muskoka, Ontario raising my 2 beautiful boys with my husband. I love to learn and to understand and appreciate more and more being a human in this lifetime. To name a few of my life's training and experiences, I have travelled a few spots in the world through training and facilitating yoga teacher trainings. I have been in the wellness industry as an Esthetician for 10 plus years, which lead me to reiki, yoga and plant medicines. All these experiences have now lead me to studying human design the past 3 years and experimenting with my body's energy and needs. Deconditioning and remembering.

I am passionate about all types of energy. Spirit energy, mystical energy, plant energy and emotional energy. Everything is energy so I could go on forever! Most passionate about taking this knowledge and Intuitive approach to supporting your energy! Helping you peel back the onion layers break down those walls to see your pathway more clearly. To strengthen your gifts and body intuition.

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 1-1 Sessions

Each session is unique energy to meet you where you are at to support you energy moving forward.

Include spirit and soul led: meditation, mediumship, HD knowledge, self inquiry discussions and reiki support

  • To support your energy, to create the impact raising vibrations

  • Are tired of running on empty, feeling stuck and depleted

  • To create the freedom you deserve

  • To pivot your life into something new

  • To say yes and create strategy around simplicity

  • To awakening and trust your intuition

  • To honor every part of your emotions, traumas and inner transformations

  • To create and hold a safe space for vulnerbility

Spiritual awakenings can be very enlightening and freeing.

Once we have said yes to stepping out of our comfort zone and begin a new way of being. This can bring up some lower vibrations to the surface and release. This is where mentorships come in and become useful to your journey encourage you of everything you have within and to take the next steps to move your self forward gently. Honoring all ups and downs to your intuitive nudges from spirit, loved ones and most of your soul! 

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Your Soul Blueprint!

Through your Mentorship we discuss how unique your energy is with using human design. Giving you awareness and energetic tools to support your life. 

Human Design has helped me let go of so much! Comparing myself to others trying to keep up as a mom entrepreneur  creating endless burnout. Seeing my value and worth to step into something I have been waiting a long time to step into. The world needs this and it starts with one soul at a time willing to step into the light and be the lighthouse for others from a place of being enough!

This is for you if some apply!

  • Are you tired of old patterns that continue to lead you to burnout

  • Have you learned about HD and now ready to embody and add it to your life

  • Build and strengthen your worthiness and intuition

  • Are you ready to ask question and communicate you divine needs

  • A big transition in your life looking for grounding intuitive guidance

  • Peel back those layer and breakthrough those walls. Releases this protection you have held on for so long

  • Understand you emotions and emotional trauma in a safe space releasing emotions

  • Strengthen your love of spirit!

  • Bring more joy into your everyday!

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